Friday, February 13, 2004

this week in rock in los angeles

berlin, the canyon
lee rocker, cozy's
kanye west, house of blues
tony bennet, disney concert hall
mort sahl w/ mare winningham, mccabes

saturday 2/14
r. kelly, la entertainment center
deep purple with thin lizzy, wiltern
billy vera and the beaters, cozy's
kanye west, key club

sunday 2/15
busta w/ lil kim, la entertainment center
snoop dogg's playas ball, key club
the spazmatics, dragonfly
swell, spaceland

monday 2/16
metal shop, viper room

tuesday 2/17
michael penn, largo
cannibal corpse, key club
melissa etheridge, house of blues

wednesday 2/18
stephen pearcy, cat club
melissa etheridge, house of blues

thursday 2/19
star fuckers, cat club
nina hagen, key club
supersuckers w/ the hangmen, roxy
melissa etheridge, house of blues

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

lick is up

im exhausted

i'll write more about it later


Sunday, January 25, 2004

there was problems getting the domain name. it was expensive to buy it from the previous owner.

then he didnt want to go through on his side of the bargain.

but now its there thanks to mr os. defender of all that is good.

yahweh bless you Os.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

dear ladies of the internet,

welcome to Lick.

lick is and will be an online magazine written exclusively by women and girls who like to write.

lick is a place for one to write things that they wouldn't normally write in their personal websites, blogs, or online diaries.

lick is a place to be anonymous or public - it's up to you.

lick will be a monthly online zine with weekly updates.

count on dozens of women to write each month for Lick and don't be surprised if it turns into hundreds.

why not.

are there 100 women who have something of interest to say in a given month?

are there 100 stories to tell?

and if so, why couldn't there be 1 place for those stories written by those women?

well there could be, and there will be

and it will happen on the Internet

and it will fucking rock.

the question is, will you be part of it.

the question is, what will you get to say.

wanna know why there wont be any men writing for it?


if i had to do it all over again id call this


but i like Lick better.

it's sexier.

and this will be a sexy project.

will it be sexy so i can get turned on?

it will be sexy so everyone can get turned on.

and it will rock.

it will rock not so i can rock out to it

but so everyone can rock out to it.

and it will discuss drugs

why will it discuss drugs

because hardly anyone talks about them like adults.

this url and this page isn't Lick. this is the dirty ugly behind the scenes blog of Lick. there will be a Lick website which will be the zine, and there will be a real blog where the contributors can participate on a daily basis. this is the behind the scenes and making of Lick.

there are several assignments on the table that you as a contributor can either partake in or pass on.

so far we have Things About Me that My Mother Would Cry About if She Knew

we also have New Years Resolutions

and we have Secrets.

email me at xxxtonyxxx at hotmaildotcom with any or all of the above three assignments and include your fake name.

send me a separate email for each assignment.

if you would like your blog to be linked on the right hand side, tell me, and i will put you up there.

most people understand what is going on here and want to be part of that list.

hopefully you are one of those people.

not everything that goes in Lick will have to be part of an assignment. in fact most of what will be in there will be just plain old entries that you would have posted in your own blog but felt like you couldn't, or shouldn't, because either you didn't want your readers to think a certain way about you, or you didn't want your parents to read, or whatever. none of that matters.

what matters is you wrote it down and you want someone - or in this case - lots of people - to read it.

to me, the worst thing that could happen is that something would go unwritten because of the doubts in our head stopping us from being creative and communicative.

what if JD Salinger had never written Catcher in the Rye because he didn't want his parents to get their feelings hurt about sending him to the schools that they sent him to?

what if Shakespeare didn't write poems because all his friends thought that poems were for girls to write?

and what if you don't write because you're afraid that you're not good enough, or smart enough, or have something interesting to say?

we all have interesting things to say.

and sometimes the most mundane observations will touch people in positive ways that you never imagined.

so i say get it out there.

it will only make room for something new.

and then get that out there too.

Lick will be the sanctuary for ideas to be free to be themselves. Where doubt loses with each new post.

these are the ideas and stories that don't get told

get told.

the assignments are just ways to get stuff out when you don't have any ideas right then.

here's this week's assignment

have an Instant Messenger chat with a blogger that you respect. tell them that it is an interview for an online zine. send them this url if you want, but assure them that this isn't what the zine will look like.

ask them some simple questions, and ask some risky questions.

see if you can ask them at least one question regarding sex drugs and rock.

even if you're not 100% into any of these topics, that's ok, but act as if you are.

later you can tell them that you weren't.

the interview isn't about your judgments, it's about your interviewees responses.

when you're done, paste it into a word processing program and change your screen name to something different and change your interviewees screen name into something different.

if you're not sure how to do it, email it to me with the desired changes and i will do it for you.

include the url of your person's blog and be sure to thank them on my behalf.

Lick will officially launch in less than two weeks during halftime of the Super Bowl.

perhaps you'll want to be part of it.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

nicole: you're idle, perfect.
nicole: here ya go.

nicole: slobbery. wetter than the wettest amount of wetness and out of the blue like. completely forgiveable tactics.

nicole: i roll over on my back and stretch. he yawns like a coyote, announcing how discouraged he feels that his need to take a piss woke him out of his wet dream. he licks his left nut, licks my left leg and rubs his lipstick all over my duvet cover.

nicole: i kick him off the bed.

nicole: because he woke me out of mine.

nicole: i wiggle my toes ...one of em feels broken. i shuffle my dog to the balcony and down the steps to the parking lot. i bark the usual morning commands that'll keep him step in step with me.

nicole: stupid stupid me.

c'momonnnnn t-mo. t-mo c'mmerrree.
t-mo !whhaat thhhee fuck.

nicole: lakjfl;ka'l;teeaaammmmmmm-o! i swear to fucking god.. cocksucking stubborn jla;lsja; piece of shit jew; GETHEFUCKOVERHEREGODAMNIT!

nicole: his tail just wags. ..he's a loyal bastard. but he must feel by heart that he can't behave. ..he keeps a playful distance.

nicole: he must be a taurus too.
nicole: no errors.
nicole: except cannot behave instead of can't behave

nicole: can't reread gotta go to bed.
nicole: dick
nicole signed off at 1:02:02 AM.

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

everything is coming along perfectly. in fact i cant believe how perfect it will all be.

the first theme for the first issue of Lick has been agreed upon.

the theme is Secrets.

the beauty of anonyminity is that one can tell as many secrets as one chooses and all will be well.

some of you know me.

no offense, but im not interested in discovering the secrets of my friends.

if you feel the same way, may i recommend that you sign up for a new Hotmail or Yahoo email address and send me your secrets.

which secrets are we looking for?

being that its the first issue, lets start with the deepest and the darkest please.

thank you.

i'll start with a Lick secret, just for you.

Lick will officially launch at halftime

of the super bowl.

so get your shit together, get your shit written, and get your shit in.

send it to xxxtonyxxx@hotmail.com

tell your friends.

women of all ages and political backgrounds are welcomed.

no dudes.

if youre not comfortable revealing your secrets, try with Things My Mom Would Cry About Me if She Only Knew.

and/or your new years resolutions.

its not too late.

its never too late to start kicking ass.

tell your best friends.

Monday, January 05, 2004

to everyone who has submitted their New Years Resolutions to xxxtonyxxx at hotmail dot com, thank you. for everyone who has sent in their Things My Mom Would Cry About if she Knew About Me to that email address, thank you.

for some of you, thank you very much.

for those of you who havent.

hurry up.

do it.

Lick is going to be up and out and ta da before you know it.

it could happen like a theif in the night.

when youre least expecting it.

and let me tell you this, youre going to want to be in that number.

lick number one.

theres going to be three sections in lick




write about something in one of those catagories.

tell the truth.

pretend nobody you know will read it.

odds are they wont.

say something that is tough for you to say.

then say something thats easy for you to say.

then say something thats not true at all.

everythings just an excercise.

specially on the web.

even though it is, quit pretending that everything you write is so precious.

if you think youre writing from the heart write from the left ventracle.

then the right ventracle.

dont look up how to spell ventracle

just write from there

from the darkness of that chamber

whats there

is it shiny

howd it get shiny

write the way youd like to see on the screen the next time you powered up your shit box.

write how youd write if you were courageous and reckless

write how youd write before it all started

lick is a place to take off